Shauna (drunk_off_tired) wrote in ohsixohsixohsix,

ohsixohsixohsix membership request by~

seriously? are you people fucking dumb. 

this is a private community. it's that way for a reason. sry to say, you're not in it. you would think, because there's hundreds of posts in this community, and the only ones you see are the ones basically saying gtfo wifeyz only you would get the god damn motherfucking hint. were you dropped on your head as a child? run into any brick walls? did you really think because you searched 'ryan ross' in the interest bar we would welcome you with open arms and say hey, come on in. no. never going to happen. fuck you for trying. i am so sick of getting e-mails with membership requests because every once in awhile someone thinks they can slip in. it makes me laugh. if we wanted someone in here, we'd invite them. and we didn't invite watchers, so take this community OFF your friends list because we're not your friends and we don't give a shit if you want to join. ty
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